Our faculty specialize in a diverse range of philosophical topics, from political philosophy and European philosophy to philosophy of mind and virtue ethics. We are committed to supporting our students in their personal and professional goals at DU and beyond. With a focus on fostering excellent reasoning, writing and critical reading skills, we hope to see our graduates succeed in whatever career path they choose.


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Message from the Chair

Hi there! My name is Marco Nathan, and I am the chair of the philosophy department here at the University of Denver. On behalf of myself, my dear colleagues, and all our wonderful staff and students, I'd like to welcome you aboard!

Philosophy is a fascinating subject. But you already heard that. Let's face it, I know perfectly well what you are dying to ask me. What can I do with a degree in philosophy? Well, allow me to share with you a well-kept secret. Hard data shows that philosophy is actually one of the most applicable and versatile majors. Our classes cover a wide range of subjects, from science to art, from ethics to politics, from history to economics. And with a degree structured not merely to allow double majoring and minoring, but actually to encourage it, I am confident that you will blaze a trail that's tailor-made for you. Our talented graduates go on to pursue a variety of exciting careers, including not only law school, medical school, and PhDs, but also public policy, tech and other corporate jobs. In a world that is crushed by increasing specialization, join us and start thinking outside the box!

But don't take all of this from me. Next time you are on campus, come check out the philosophy suite, grab a freshly brewed espresso and hear it from the great people there. We're all excited to meet you. In the meanwhile, however, stay safe, relax and – don't forget – Go Crimson and Gold!

Marco J. Nathan
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Philosophy


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