You’ll explore the literatures, cultures, visual and performing arts, religions, histories, politics and economies of Asian countries with esteemed faculty. These scholars come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds centered on East and South Asian cultures and languages. They engage particularly with China, Japan, India and Tibet.

You'll pair this cultural knowledge with advanced training in an Asian language and you're encouraged to deepen your experience further by studying abroad for up to a year.

This immersive approach develops real-world skills for careers in areas like international business, international law, government service and education. You'll learn the skills in Asian languages and knowledge of Asian cultures to succeed in a variety of postgraduate endeavors.

What You'll Learn

The BA in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program, meaning you get to explore a wide variety of courses from a range of esteemed faculty. 

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    Acquire skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in modern Chinese and Japanese or other approved Asian languages. 

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    Religious Studies

    Explore major Asian religious and ethical traditions and their practices.

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    Learn about both ancient and modern histories of East Asia.

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    The Arts

    Experience visual arts and art history of China, Japan and Tibet, as well as musical traditions and performing arts of South Asian cultures.

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    Understand how global economies interact with a focus on Asian industrialization, trade and technologies.

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    Political Science

    Learn about political institutions in East Asia, including phenomena such as democratization.

 Student from the Japanese program at an Ikebana (Flower arrangement) workshop

Degree Requirements

  • To major in Asian studies you will complete 60 credits. These include three classes in the humanities, two years of intermediate and advanced language study, a senior thesis sequence or other advanced coursework, and electives.
  • To minor in Asian studies you will need to complete 24 credit hours.

See the DU Undergraduate Bulletin for full course requirements. 


Asian Studies places you at the center of cross-cultural conversations.

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