Advancing the Study of Jewish History and Culture

The Center for Judaic Studies serves the needs of both the Denver Jewish community and the scholars working to preserve centuries of knowledge. Through academic programming at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels, we strive to promote cultural understanding through interdisciplinary studies in Hebrew language and Jewish philosophy, history, literature and film. Outside the classroom, we engage students and faculty with the broader Jewish community through programming and social action on campus and beyond. Also home to two historical preservation organizations, the Center invites esteemed scholars, religious and thought leaders, including Holocaust survivors, to share their insight with our community, all part of our deep commitment to preserving this essential facet of our global culture. 

Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society

Housed at the Center for Judaic Studies and University Libraries, the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society (RMJHS) is the premier organization for the preservation of Jewish historical knowledge in the western U.S. The society is dedicated to supporting researchers with comprehensive scholarly resources and also provides support for educators seeking to enrich their teaching in numerous disciplines.

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Holocaust Awareness Institute

Bringing the knowledge and experience of Holocaust survivors and scholars to DU's Judaic Studies programs, the Holocaust Awareness Institute works to preserve and share a detailed history of one of the world's most vicious atrocities. Through guest lectures, education initiatives and other community partnerships, the institute offers multicultural explorations of the continuing significance of the Shoah, or Holocaust, in today's world.

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Academic Program in Judaic Studies

The Center for Judaic Studies serves as the hub for DU's Judaic Studies minor. Available to undergraduate students hoping to add an exploration of Jewish history and culture to their main degree program, the minor in Judaic studies can help broaden your perspective and connect your passions to a wider world.

Graduate students pursuing the master's in religious studies or philosophy can supplement their work with high-level courses in Judaic studies. Likewise, students in the University's PhD programs can work with advisors to integrate Judaic Studies coursework into their doctoral program.

Students hoping to study abroad have the option of pursuing opportunities at one of four partner institutions around the world. Contact the Center to learn how you can make Judaic studies part of your study abroad experience.

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