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Our faculty are consistently at the leading edge of the intellectual conversation around Jewish and Hebrew culture and history. The Center for Judaic Studies has championed research across disciplines, from Associate Professor Alison Schofield's field-defining work in translating the Dead Sea Scrolls to Professor Sarah Pessin's expertise in interfaith dialogue and civic responsibility.

Our work has helped ignite and advance discussions of Judaism's role in the modern world, drawing on our growing knowledge of past traditions and social constructs to illuminate how religion, culture and history intersect in contemporary society. Our students participate in and contribute to this research, developing practical research skills and enriching their foundation of knowledge in Jewish studies.

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Postdoctoral Fellow in the American Jewish Experience

Created to stimulate scholarship around the American Jewish experience, the Fellowship provides a scholar with opportunities to engage with interdisciplinary perspectives and primary source documents from DU’s Ira M. & Peryle Hayutin Beck Archives. The winner of the Fellowship teaches at the Center for Judaic Studies, a position made possible through the support of Dr. Helen Morris, a lifelong student and friend of the Center.

Meet the First Fellow

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Q&A: Remembering the Liberation of Auschwitz 75 Years Later

This interview with CJS director Adam Rovner, PhD, discusses the enduring significance of the Holocaust, and how the Center for Judaic Studies and Holocaust Awareness Institute continue to educate people about Holocaust history and memory.

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Studying the American Jewish Experience

This article celebrates the postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Judaic Studies, made possible by a gift from Dr. Helen Morris. The scholars serving as fellows will teach DU students about the Jewish American experience through new and interdisciplinary courses.

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Psalm Scrolls
Face-to-Face With the Dead Sea Scrolls

When the Dead Sea Scrolls came to Denver in 2018, CJS faculty discussed the significance of the scrolls themselves and how they continue to influence scholarship and art.

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