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Multidisciplinary perspectives on a world-shaping culture

The Center for Judaic Studies supports departments across campus with expertise and programming related to the history and culture of the Jewish and Hebrew peoples. From courses at the undergraduate level to classes associated with DU master's and PhD programs, the Center promotes interfaith understanding and community action among students and scholars, adding this essential perspective to fields as varied as the sciences, law and international relations. Additionally, the Center supports a well-rounded view of Judaism at DU with awards and fellowships for students and faculty who show exceptional commitment to their studies.


Interdisciplinary Study

Judaic Studies

The Center for Judaic Studies offers a diverse set of courses focused on literature, film, history and current events. Courses include:

  • JUST 2350: Israeli Culture Through Film: Society, Ethnicity and Inter-Cultural Discourse
  • JUST 2011: Religion, Environmentalism and Politics



Students can take courses from DU's Department of English & Literary Arts that delve into key Jewish religious texts and examine the representation of Judaism in classic, postmodern and contemporary literature. Courses include:

  • JUST/ENGL 3405: Postmodern Visions of Israel
  • JUST/ENGL 2743: Jewish Humor, Origins and Meaning



In the Hebrew language program offered in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, students can engage in introductory and intermediate study of the Hebrew language, as well as examine Israeli culture through Hebrew literature and film. Courses include:

  • HEBR 1001: Elementary Hebrew
  • JUST/HEBR 3010: Israeli Television and Cinema: Representing Cultural Diversity in Israeli Life



Students focusing on a degree program in history can complement their major with coursework reviewing the role of Judaism and its peoples in global events and social movements. Courses include:

  • JUST/HIST 1600: Jews in the Islamic World, 632 C.E.–1948
  • JUST/HIST 2242: American Jewish History



The study of philosophy at DU features insight from a wide range of cultures and traditions, including Judaism. In these courses, students examine religiously motivated violence, the role of Judaism in modern conversations about race and other topics. Courses include:

  • JUST/PHIL/RLGS 2026: Race: Black, Jew, Other
  • JUST/PHIL 3152: Philosophy Meets Mysticism: A Greek, Jewish and Islamic Neoplatonic Journey


Religious Studies

Students can explore Judaic history, religious traditions and culture in courses offered by the Department of Religious Studies and the Center for Judaic Studies. Courses include:

  • JUST/RLGS/ENGL 2104: The Bible as Literature
  • JUST/RLGS 3086: The Emergence of Monotheism



Minor in Judaic Studies

Pair your major with interdisciplinary study of one of the world's most impactful religious traditions.

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Associated Graduate Programs

Master's Programs

The Center for Judaic Studies closely partners with DU's master's programs in religious studies and philosophy (also available as a dual-major degree). Offering courses surveying Judaic culture, art and history, the Center aims to supplement broader degree programs with specific coursework that gives students a more holistic perspective on the religious and intellectual forces that shape our society.

PhD Programs

Students pursuing doctoral-level programs in English & literary arts, education or the joint doctoral program with the Department of Religious Studies and the Iliff School of Theology can also integrate high-level Judaic studies courses into their degree programs.

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Senior Audit Program

As part of the Center's commitment to building community through the study of Judaic history and culture, we provide individuals over the age of 60 the opportunity to audit select courses at the undergraduate level. Though these courses are not offered for credit, auditing allows you to take classes for personal growth and expand your understanding of Jewish history, thought and culture and the forces that shape Judaism today.

Please Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the University has currently suspended all community audit programs, including senior audit. We do hope to resume this program as soon as we can bring auditors back to campus safely.

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Study Abroad

The University provides a wealth of opportunities for students to leave campus and expand their perspectives through study abroad. The Center for Judaic Studies encourages all students to take advantage of these opportunities and offers unique study abroad experiences in partnerships with major Jewish-affiliated institutions around the world. Students can choose to study at Goldsmiths University in London or the University of Haifa in Israel.

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