Fellowships & Awards

As part of our mission to promote exceptional scholarship in the study of Judaic history and culture, we award fellowships and grants to students, faculty and community members looking to advance their work in the field. In recent years, we have supported dozens of scholars from across our community through awards and fellowships, fueling original research, internships and community projects. 

Vinnik Nesher

Helen G. Morris Postdoctoral Fellowship in the American Jewish Experience

This postdoctoral fellowship provides scholars in a wide range of fields the unique opportunity to engage directly with the Ira M. & Peryle Hayutin Beck Archives and the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society through the lens of their own disciplinary expertise. Fellows connect creative classroom learning with in-depth original scholarship while expanding the reach and impact of our unique collection and helping ensure the longevity of the Archives and the Society for generations to come. 


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Support the Helen G. Morris Postdoctoral Fellowship in the American Jewish Experience

Donations support our postdoctoral fellows' research, teaching and work in the Beck Archives.

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Julia Gross Scholarship

Created to reward a deep commitment to Judaic studies coursework and community action, the Julia Gross Scholarship is awarded to students who regularly excel in their studies and dedicate their time to organizations or projects that foster social justice and intercultural understanding. Faculty from the Center for Judaic Studies nominate several students each year.