Research & Initiatives

Composed of a dedicated and multidisciplinary team of teacher-scholars, the Center for Judaic Studies is deeply invested in promoting research and community initiatives that build a better intercultural understanding of the Jewish faith and its role in today's world. Supported by student researchers in the Judaic Studies minor and our associated graduate degree programs, the Center provides funding for projects that advance social justice and interfaith dialogue. These projects bring us closer to our Denver community and help us build bridges across religious, social and cultural divides.


Faculty Research

Discover how our faculty help build a global understanding of Judaic culture and history.

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Conferences & Seminars

The Center hosts a range of seminar discussions, panels and scholarly conferences each year, focusing on events that promote cultural dialogue and a deeper understanding of Judaic issues in the contemporary world.

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DU Interfaith Challenge

As part of the University's commitment to inclusive excellence, we challenge all students, staff and faculty to switch their personal and professional calendars to interfaith calendars displaying holidays and festivals for religions around the world.

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Religious Diversity

Over the years, we have invested in expanding the religious diversity of our student body and campus community, working to create spaces for interfaith religious practice and dialogue regardless of origin. 

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  • Art/Awareness/Diversity

    This project equips workplaces, community centers and educational organizations with a diversity-awareness-raising art installation that prompts people to ask what steps they can take to create a more inclusive workplace honoring people from all backgrounds.

  • Endowed Chair of Holocaust Studies Initiative

    Aiming to ensure the continued growth of Holocaust Studies at DU and beyond, the Center is working, with your help, to endow a Chair of Holocaust Studies.

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  • Israel Cultures Initiative

    The Center offers a wide range of learning opportunities for students, faculty and community members to study diverse perspectives from Israeli culture, history, language, film and literature. Many Center for Judaic Studies faculty are involved in research projects related to Israel and the Center is committed to bringing important Israeli scholars, authors, poets and film-makers to DU, continuously promoting education around Israeli cultures, histories and identities.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in the American Jewish Experience

    The University of Denver, Center for Judaic Studies and Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society announce a new Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the American Jewish Experience for a term of up to three years. Broad support for this project is vital to its creation and longevity. We hope you will consider partnering with us on this new initiative.

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  • Speakers At Your Venue

    We can help you find expert speakers on a range of topics in religion, religious diversity and inclusion. In addition to our many experts from the University of Denver, we also have connections with faculty experts around the Rocky Mountain region. Contact us for more information.

  • Survivors Speakers Bureau

    Working with our Holocaust Awareness Institute to share lessons from the past, the Center for Judaic Studies organizes free opportunities for students and community groups across Colorado to hear first-hand testimonies from local Holocaust survivors. Contact us for more information.

  • Survival & Witness: Holocaust Education Today

    The Holocaust Awareness Institute is developing the educational website Survival & Witness ( to support the new Holocaust and genocide education mandate for Colorado public schools. Survival & Witness features profiles of survivors who eventually made Colorado their home, integrated with a historical timeline and interactive maps.

    Survival & Witness draws on archival resources of the Holocaust Awareness Institute and Beck Archives, among other sources.

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