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Our donors help us preserve the fascinating history of Jews in the West and serve the needs of scholars and other individuals interested in historical research. Support of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society and the Beck Archives is crucial to the Society's and Archives' ongoing success and continuing open access to our community.

Your tax-deductible donation makes it possible for us to preserve and publicize the Jewish historical experience in the Rocky Mountain West.

For more information on how to support the work of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society and Beck Archives, please contact:

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Legacy Donor Testimonials

Phyllis D. Hayutin

“I grew up in Chicago with no knowledge of the closeness and wonderful family and community awaiting me when I married in 1958. Arnie’s family openly discussed everything—the long journey to Colorado, how Denver had grown over the years, their friends and friendships, and life on the West Side. 

My mother-in-law stressed the importance of our heritage to her children and grandchildren — her parents roles at the HEA, the family in Denver, those living elsewhere in the United States, Israel, and those who perished.  Her experiences and stories of the Jewish people in Denver and Colorado, the merging of families through marriage, the growth of Jewish life in Denver, and the building of community kept me wanting to hear more. 

Mom knew the importance of oral stories, the written word, and pictures. This was so much a part of her that her anecdotes and values of preserving family history, building community, and giving back became important to me. Denver is fortunate we have the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society to keep alive the past, for as we learn from it, we can continue to build a stronger and better tomorrow.”

Mark Boscoe

“I have been a donor to the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society for around 25 years. My association includes participation on the Board of Directors and several stints as President of this wonderful organization. My father’s family came to Denver in the early 1890’s from Kobrin, Poland as bakers. They were the typical Eastern European Jewish immigrant story: hard working tradesmen who started their own business- a very small retail and commercial bakery, that with the passing of time and their industry and thrift grew into a large and successful commercial enterprise, which served the entire Rocky Mountain Region.

For 70 years their business, the Star Bakery, built just to the south of the Colfax viaduct was at the center of Jewish life on the West Side of Denver. They participated in the growth and development of Denver and its environs and the growing and succeeding Jewish community of Denver as it moved out beyond the West Side to the East Side of Denver and beyond.

As a third generation Denverite, I have felt keenly the need to preserve, study and disseminate the Jewish history of Denver, of Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain Region. My three children and my grandchildren all live and work in Denver and I want for them to feel the pride that I have in what their ancestors have accomplished here and to know and understand the challenges that have been overcome and the difficulties that remain in continuing to build and keep a vibrant Jewish community.

The RMJHS serves two important functions for me: preservation of history and education about our past. It does so by maintain historically relevant artifacts in the Beck Archives housed at the University of Denver, which are used by scholars from all over the country, and by the many programs put on by the RMJHS bringing history to life.”

Cynthia Gensheimer

“Even before moving to Denver, I had visited the Beck Archives, whose invaluable resources are used by historians from all around the world. As a scholar, I understand first-hand the importance of preserving the rich Jewish history of this part of the country.

The Archives importantly helps students of all ages learn about Jewish life and the contributions of Jews to local health care, politics, education, culture, social betterment, and sports. I support the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society and Beck Archives for all those reasons, and also because of its outreach to the community through fascinating programs and exhibits that enrich our lives and overcome anti-Semitism.”

Nancy Livingston

“My late husband, John Livingston, was a longtime beloved professor of history at the University of Denver and an active participant in Denver Jewish life. He was a founder of the RMJHS and Beck Archives and served long terms on the board. John and I shared a special bond in leading our Jewish lives together. We very much appreciated the vibrant history of the Jewish experience in the Rocky Mountain region.

I hope it is very clear why I would want to not only support the preservation of our Colorado Jewish history through the Beck Archives attend the wonderful historical events that the RMJHS plans for the Jewish community, but also to serve on the board that gives me such a keen sense of belonging. I am so grateful to Dr. Jeanne Abrams, longtime director of the RMJHS and Beck Archives, who on her own established the annual John C. Livingston Lecture in American Jewish History. Not only are the programs enlightening and entertaining, they give me a little bit of John, recalling his commitment to the Jewish community, which I so admire. I support the RMJHS and Beck Archives so fervently because they help us connect our past with the future.”

RMJHS Legacy Program

A Partnership with the Rose Community Foundation

RMJHS at the University of Denver is pleased to have partnered with Rose Community Foundation for a matching legacy gift program. For each year in which we meet our annual goal of donors documenting a legacy gift to RMJHS, Rose makes a gift in support of the important work of the RMJHS. To join the 42 donors who have made this commitment to RMJHS at DU and the Rose Community Foundation, contact Joshua Furman ( or visit DU giving page.