Religious Diversity

Carrying out DU's commitment to diversity and inclusion in faith and spirituality

The Center for Judaic Studies serves as a campus hub for conversations and efforts toward a more inclusive community. We believe that true diversity necessarily includes the full breadth of religious and spiritual practices and that the perspective offered through faith traditions enriches the larger project of inclusive excellence.

As part of that mission, we also strive to actively refute and deconstruct the conditions that spur exclusion. The Center for Judaic Studies invites student and community learners of different religions, races, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political and ideological viewpoints to join us in interrogating systems of hatred, bias, bigotry, inequity and prejudice.

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Find a Speaker for an Event

If you're organizing an event around diversity and inclusivity, the Center for Judaic Studies can connect you with subject matter experts from across religious disciplines and traditions, as well as a range of faculty from Denver and the Front Range. Contact us with the nature of your event to get started.

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"As educators, we invite our friends and neighbors across Colorado and the Rocky Mountains to call on us when we can help. We believe in the University of Denver’s mission: to be a private university dedicated to the public good."

Sarah Pessin, professor, interfaith chair and former director of the Center for Judaic Studies; Nader Hashemi, associate professor, director of the Center for Middle East Studies; Andrea Stanton, associate professor, chair of the Department of Religious Studies Read Full Article


This project equips workplaces, community centers and educational organizations with art installations that prompt discussion about creating more inclusive work environments.