Our Mission

Our primary mission at HAI is education. Towards that end, a number of our faculty teach Holocaust-themed courses and cover Holocaust-related material in their classes. We are also actively working, with your help, to endow a chair of Holocaust studies who will serve as a new campus and community Holocaust educator and scholar.

HAI also extends our mission of learning beyond the DU classroom through public lectures and events, our Survivor Speakers Bureau, and community partnerships and initiatives across campus and the Front Range.

  • Fred Marcus Memorial Holocaust Lecture

    Holocaust Educational Programming for the Community

    Honoring the memory of Fred Marcus, who served as a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Holocaust Awareness Institute for many years, the lecture provides Holocaust educational programming to our community around the anniversary of the Kristallnacht.

  • Survivors Speakers Bureau

    Holocaust Survivors Share Their Stories

    Our Speakers Bureau is composed primarily of Holocaust survivors who generously share their time on a volunteer basis to speak with students and community organizations about their experiences before, during and after the Holocaust.

    Most speakers are best suited for audiences 12 years of age and older (7th grade and up). Please remember that the speakers are sharing private and often traumatic memories; they are able to share their history only once in a day. Your sensitivity to this is critical to planning a successful program.

    Requests for speakers must be submitted at least one month prior to your event.

    Please visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's website for 'best practice' information on hosting a Holocaust Survivor. This guideline offers helpful information in providing the most meaningful experience for your group and your guest speaker.

    Note: In response to COVID-19, we are currently only able to accommodate requests for virtual speaker engagements.

  • Survival & Witness

    Presenting Interactive Holocaust Narratives

    With support from the Rose Community Foundation, we are able to launch this new, online platform for learning with updated, digitized curriculum offering free access to teachers throughout the state to aid in Holocaust education. This website will be a free resource for educators and students and supports Colorado's newly legislated statewide education mandate for Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Colorado Public Schools (HB20-1336).

    Visit Survival & Witness


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