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To invigorate and nurture our engagements with the Denver Jewish community and the intellectual conversation around Judaism's role in the modern world, the Center for Judaic Studies hosts several conferences and seminars each year. Designed to promote meaningful discussion and help scholars share their latest discoveries, these events also help us strengthen our campus community by promoting interfaith dialogue, social justice and religious inclusivity.

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Week of Jewish Philosophy

The annual Week of Jewish Philosophy is a joint program of the University of Colorado Boulder's Program in Jewish Studies and the University of Denver's Center for Judaic Studies. Addressing themes of Jewish philosophy, religion and theology, the Week of Jewish Philosophy offers a series of unique intercultural and diversity-enhancing learning opportunities for those interested in philosophy, religious studies and inter-religious dialogue.


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Hebrew Seminar

The Hebrew Seminar hosted by the Center for Judaic Studies offers educators a collaborative environment where they can share teaching insights, refine their pedagogical skills and learn about new technology that can improve the student experience in Judaic and Hebrew studies.

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