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Remy Le Boeuf releases solo book, Vignettes II

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Angela Mitchell

Manager of Marketing & Communications, Lamont School of Music

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Vignettes II

Remy Le Boeuf, Chair of Jazz & Commercial Music, has published a new book of solo saxophone works entitled Vignettes II. The book is accompanied by a solo album and is a continuation of the first volume, Vignettes. 

Like etudes, these twelve compositions focus on various challenges and skills, such as circular breathing, altissimo, double-tonguing, pitch bending, odd time signatures, overtones, speed, flexibility, syncopation, endurance, and dynamic contrast. They can be performed on all saxophones.

Le Boeuf worked with the University of Denver's Marketing & Communications department to make several videos which highlight the performance spaces and some special nooks within the Newman Center for the Performing Arts. Click these links to check them out:

Vignette No. 19
Vignette No. 21
Vignette No. 22
Vignette No. 23

Additionally, Le Boeuf made several videos in collaboration with musical animator and programer, Stephen Malinowski:

Vignette No. 17
Vignette No. 20
Vignette No. 22

If you're interested in purchasing the sheet music for Vignettes II, please click here. The recording is available for purchase here

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