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Todd Cochran Parent Profile

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Todd Cochran

Parent of a Lamont Musician

Todd Cochran's son Jadon, a sophomore clarinetist, has inspired him to become involved with Lamont

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Todd Cochran

Photo by Markku Lahdesmaki.

Among the realizations that arise in a collegial academic setting is the truth that everybody is in the process of becoming. While being exposed to and stretched by new ideas, our instincts draw us to commonly held notions of community only to discover that in a truly progressive environment community is not about sameness. Collaborations within an art-centric setting demonstrate how an idealistic musical society might work revolving around cooperation and creativity. Within a community of multiple viewpoints, the “sameness” is the quest of expanding our experience base and enlarging our understanding of all things human and cultural.

All people enter new spaces with a palatable Weltanschuung; formed opinions, biases, inherited preferences. This said, community allows us to interact with people whom we may not otherwise encounter. In authentic community there is a sense of belonging – everyone is respected, welcomed and honored for the differences they bring.

For thriving young musicians in a conservatory program rooted in the fundamentals of the Western classical tradition, the journey is to learn to equally coexist with the emotional and captivating qualities of software-created music.

This third decade of the 21st century promises the emergence of new communities of thinkers and creators as we trend towards a continued wealth of diversity in themes, sounds and perspectives. Lingering impulses to hold onto fixed positions will be challenged and replaced with healthy curiosities that move us to join in evermore meaningful conversations about the world we share. Think of it: sounds, images, subjects, forms, drama, intelligence and beauty — compacted into smaller and smaller glimpses, stimulating and tantalizing the imagination in fleeting segments of time with irrepressible beats and sonic ear candy. Yet the possibilities of performing artful music that is captivating, motivating, inspiring and relevant are infinite and untold.

Community enables us to actualize a concept where daily life can be seen as a canvas. As a community, let us be mindful in definitive ways of those outside of our own because this is where connection, true inspiration and purpose live.

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