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Assistant to Director of the Center for World Languages & Cultures Steps Up to Help Reshape Tutoring Program

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Kate Wyre

For 22 years, Kate Wyre lived in Iowa. And after graduating Luther College in 2020, Wyre wanted a change of scenery. She headed west to Denver, and after holding five odd jobs, she found a new world of opportunities at the University of Denver.

Wyre works in the Center for World Languages & Cultures (CWLC) as the assistant to the director. The CWLC supports students of all levels with a primary focus on first-year students as it’s a requirement to take a first-year language course.

“One of the best skills you learn in college is being able to switch tasks quickly,” Wyre said.

She’s certainly done that. While Wyre’s position has traditionally been more administrative, last year she took the lead on the CWLC’s tutoring program, and she’s made immediate steps to make the program more accessible.

“I made an Outlook calendar that has all the sessions. You can go into the library to get tutoring. You can get it on Zoom. We also tried to add more hours for more popular languages,” Wyre said.

As the new associate director of CWLC, Ethel Swartley will take over the tutoring program, serving as the main point of contact for the center’s 15 tutors. While Wyre’s hands-on role was temporary, she really enjoyed the opportunity to reshape the program.

“I’m drawn to roles where I can support something I believe in,” Wyre said. “I think the study of languages and cultures is really important.”

As Wyre looks for more ways to advance CWLC’s mission, she hopes more students will seek the free tutoring service.

“Our tutors are welcoming and have also been in their place at one point, learning a new language. They can understand the difficulties of their specific language. Our tutors are helpful and friendly, and they are eager to help students,” Wyre said.