The strategic communication concentration of the MA in media and public communication spans the fields of public relations, public affairs, brand management and marketing communications. Our courses emphasize ethical and socially responsible communication in both nonprofit and corporate settings. You will gain expertise in campaign planning, message design, brand positioning, multicultural communication, research methods, communication theory and media law. You will work with community partners to create strategic communication campaigns and develop a professional portfolio that will help you stand out on the job market.

Graduates of this program are prepared to pursue careers in:

  • Public Relations and Public Affairs

  • Corporate Communication and Branding

  • Nonprofit Communication and Advocacy

  • Multicultural Strategic Communication

  • Government Communication

  • Social Media Management

“The strategic communication approach is the most helpful tool I learned in my time at DU. Each course, from branding and media law, to communication theory and the community practicum, gave me an opportunity to apply this approach. I learned how to be agile and respond to unpredicted situations.”

Carley St. Clair, MA ’16, MEPC – Strategic Communication, manager of communications at DaVita Learn More
Carley St. Clair (MS ’16)

Featured Faculty

Renee Botta

Renée A. Botta

Associate Professor; Faculty Senate President

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David Coppini

David Coppini

Assistant Professor

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Nadia Kaneva

Nadia Kaneva

Associate Professor

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