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DU Gallery Features 3-D Approaches Spring 2020 Class Exhibition

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Meagan Callahan

Drill Core Samples: After Gordon Matta-Clark

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A photo of studio instructorJudith Leinen’s reflection in a window.

During the initial weeks of the stay at home order in March, DU studio instructor Judith Leinen recalled a selfie taken of her reflection in a mirrored window. Beneath the window were four mysterious holes in the wall that had initially caught her eye, prompting the photo. Leinen wondered what spaces lay on the other side, perhaps a kitchen or a living room. The cavities reminded Leinen of the work by artist Gordon Matta-Clark, known for cutting precise holes into buildings in order to reveal the interior, layered spaces. As Leinen spent more time at home, she was reminded of this photo and the questions it raised about private, domestic environments. This past quarter, Leinen adapted these ideas into a class project for her 3-D Approaches class. Through an examination of Matta-Clark's practice, the application of materials readily available at home, and imagination the students created exact replicas of drill core samples of their walls. The results are now featured on the Vicki Myhren Gallery website. The online exhibition Drill Core Samples: After Gordon Matta-Clark showcases the work of student artists Emma Sternitzky, Lillian Schaffer, Joe Goodacer, Caitlin Grant, Gwyneth Broadrick and Jad Al Jabi.

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