Our contemporary music ensembles offer training and performance opportunities for a wide range of contemporary works. This challenging repertoire pushes students to explore the possibilities of what ensemble music can be.

Students in Lamont's contemporary music ensembles perform music spanning the 20th century to the present day, as well as works by our own undergraduate and graduate composers. The Pioneer Pep Band provides spirited entertainment for DU sporting events.

  • Lamont Composers Concert Series

    Director: Leanna Kirchoff

    The Lamont Composers Concert Series (LCCS) is a quarterly concert featuring new compositions by graduate and undergraduate students. All composition majors are invited to submit acoustic, electronic or electro-acoustic works for the LCCS each quarter. As all LCCS concerts are recorded, our compositions students are able to develop their craft while they build their portfolio.

    Lamont student performers and composers collaborate during the composition and rehearsal stages of each piece, resulting in a premiere performance at Hamilton Hall. As a step toward performance, pieces slated for the LCCS are peer-reviewed in composition seminar, a weekly meeting of all graduate and undergraduate composers. All LCCS concerts are free and open to the public.

    Our student composers are often looking for musicians to perform their new compositions. If you are interested in working with one of our composers on a new piece and performing on the Lamont Composers Concert Series, please email Professor Leanna Kirchoff

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  • Modern Music Ensemble

    Director: Martin Kuuskmann

    In the Modern Music Ensemble, participants explore recently-written repertoire while developing entrepreneurship skills required of the 21st-century musician. Group sizes can range from duos to larger chamber ensembles. Repertoire varies from the 20th century to today, including electronic and electro-acoustic music.

    This group is intended for returning students only (no first-year students) who have a solid background in their major instrument/voice. We recommend that students have a preassembled group with fellow students in mind, along with a work they intend to play.

    Students interested in participating in the Modern Music Ensemble must be either referred by their major teacher OR approved by Professor Martin Kuuskmann.

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