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Enhance Your Learning at Home with Archaeology

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DU Museum of Anthropology

Use these resources to add archaeology into your home curriculum

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Archaeology at Amache

Have you been digging for new ways to inspire and motivate your child's at-home learning? Does your child like to solve mysteries, figure out stories from clues, put pieces together, or get their hands dirty? Archaeology teaches students to combine STEM skills and critical thinking to solve problems and learn creatively! These free projects, compiled by Bonnie Clark, Ph.D,  Associate Professor of Anthropology and recent graduate Nick Dungey, MA '19 are designed to help students connect with how people in the past lived, and to understand how archaeologists learn about them. Follow the link below for ways ways to complement your at-home curriculum with fun and exciting archaeology skills and knowledge.

List of Educational Archaeology Resources


University of Denver Amache Garden Archaeology Worksheet

  • Grades 4–7
  • To become an archaeologist, you have to think like an archaeologist! Use the steps, history, and maps in this packet to complete it. By completing it, you’ll be able to think about the past like an archaeologist and learn more about an important moment in the history of the United States! 
  • Download the Amache Garden Archaeology Worksheet

Scholastic Article on Archaeology

  • Grades 3–5, 6–8
  • Offers an introduction into archaeology and provides ideas on how this field relates to history and the past
  • Access the Scholastic Article on Archaeology

List of Archaeology Lessons and Activities (SAA)

  • Grades K–5, 6–8, 9–12
  • Provides several different resources for activities regarding archaeology in science, math, language arts, social studies, and other core curriculum requirements for elementary, middle, and high school lessons
  • Access the SAA List of Archaeology Lessons and Activities 

National Geographic Archaeology Videos

  • Grade level varies
  • Provides several videos on material that ranges vastly within archaeology.
  • To access the videos, visit the National Geographic site, then search ‘archaeology’ in the
  • search bar, and click ‘Television’ to see a list of options

National Geographic for Kids Interview with Fredrik Hiebert

  • Grades K–5, 6–8
  • Features an interview with an archaeologist that can provide students with a first-person view of
  • archaeology and what it entails
  • Access these resources at National Geographic Interviews 

American Museum of Natural History Archaeology for Kids

National Parks Service Archaeology for Kids Program

  • Grades K–5
  • Highlights the National Park Service’s Archaeology for Kids Program, which offers activities at many National Parks in the US
  • Access these activities through the National Parks Service

YouTube Archaeology for Kids Videos

  • Grades K–5, 6–8
  • Offers six videos providing short introductions to archaeology from several different YouTubers' perspectives of archaeology
  • Available as a Youtube Playlist

Archaeology Lessons Plans for Kids

  • Grades K–5, 6–8, 9–12
  • Provides a list of lesson plans for several ages and grades with varying content and lengths
  • Available at Archaeology Lesson Plans for Kids

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Resources

  • Grades 3–5, 6–8, 9–12
  • Provides a list of lesson plans for varying ages and grades as well as links to programming opportunities by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, including artifact loans (for Southwestern Colorado) and tours/field trips for adults and children
  • Available through the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Resources

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