Experiential Learning

In the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) we embrace a well-rounded liberal arts education. That includes opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge through hands-on experience and apply what they're learning in class to the professional world. From funding scholarships to help students secure crucial internships to incorporating experiential elements in classes, our faculty and staff help students expand their studies and prepare for their futures.  

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Internships for All

Internships provide valuable experience and network-building opportunities to students across the College. Students who participate in internships gain relevant, vital skills to employ in their careers and can demonstrate advanced career readiness during their job search. Internships are an increasingly important part of preparing for life post-graduation. 

Along with DU’s Career Center we are working to make internships more accessible to students across CAHSS. We recognize that unpaid internships can provide critical experience and networking, but many students cannot afford to spend several months working without pay. To help meet our students' needs, we award scholarships to students taking unpaid internships each year. These funds enable students to say ‘yes’ to a career-relevant opportunity they might otherwise miss out on. 

Our efforts include:

  • Funding scholarships that give students the financial freedom to take an unpaid internship in order to further their career goals.
  • Working with alumni and community partners to provide additional paid internship opportunities and help students connect to valuable internship experiences.

Check out the articles below for stories of students whose internship experiences have made an impact on their career paths. 

Our Students' Internship Stories

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Community-Engaged Learning

Community-engaged learning opportunities combine hands-on experience with real impact on our communities. Partnerships with local organizations allow students to apply their skills and connect their studies to real-life applications. From service-learning components in courses to capstone experiences, our students are improving lives in Denver and beyond, and building networks to carry into their lives post-graduation. 

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