Lamont Piano Preparatory Program

We offer students a time-tested and unique program of group and private lessons. Our curriculum is designed to develop every phase of complete musicianship, including music reading, rhythm, theory, creativity, and ear training—all ideally suited to group instruction.


The Lamont Piano Preparatory program serves as the laboratory school for the Lamont School of Music graduate piano pedagogy program. Our mission is to model the highest standards in piano education while nurturing the joy of music making.

We strive for a relevant and holistic curriculum that applies the teaching philosophy of the respected piano pedagogue, Frances Clark, who believed that “there is music in every child.” Our goal is twofold:

  1. Develop lifetime musicians who are able to communicate their love of music with artistry and confidence.
  2. Nurture independent learners who are musically literate.

Piano Classes for Children

Level of Instruction
  • Level 1 Group Class (Ages 5–6, first and second grade)

    Students in Level 1(beginners only) attend a weekly 55 minute group lesson. Additionally, students take a weekly 30 minute private lesson. Students gain a thorough musical foundation using discovery learning, movement and focused listening activities to develop an understanding of the principles of theory, musicianship and performance practice. Furthermore, the class provides children an opportunity to share their performances in a fun and supportive environment.

  • Level 2 Group Class (Ages 7–8, second and third grade)

    Students who complete Level 1 move into Level 2. If there are openings in the classes, transfer students will be considered.

  • Level 3 (Ages 8–9, third and fourth grade)

    Students who complete Level 2 move into Level 3. If there are openings in the classes, transfer students will be considered.

  • Intermediate Program

    Students who complete Level 3 will be considered for the Intermediate program. If there are openings in the classes, transfer students will be considered

  • Advanced Program

    Students who are in 9th-12th grade will be considered for the Advanced program If there are openings in the classes, transfer students will be considered.

Summer lessons are not included in the Academic Year tuition price. All preparatory students are required to take at least 7 lessons during the summer months through the preparatory program.

To gain the most benefit from the program, it is expected that beginning students will advance through all three levels of study.


All prospective students are interviewed personally as a first step in the enrollment procedure. The primary purpose of the interview is to assess musical readiness for beginners. The interview also provides the opportunity for you to become acquainted with our faculty, policies and facility.

Interviews will be scheduled after completion and submission of the Initial Information Form.

Please follow this link for the form and direct all questions to Emily Book McGree at

Piano Classes for Adult Beginners

We believe that there is music in everyone, yes, even those who are embarking on their journey at the piano as an adult.

Studies have shown that learning piano as an adult in a group setting has many advantages and benefits. We are pleased to have you experience this unique opportunity with us.

  • Schedule, Location and Tuition

    8 Week Sessions: Beginning in October, January and March

    Time: Evenings TBD

    Location: Online

    Materials Fee: $50/year

    Tuition: $240 ($200 for those with a DU faculty/staff ID)

Registration and More Details

For more information and to register for the class, please go to the registration form. Completing the form with your registration fee will secure your enrollment.

Student and teacher sit at the piano


The Lamont Piano Preparatory Program also functions as the learning and teaching laboratory for the Lamont School of Music M.M. in Piano Pedagogy degree program. Lamont graduate students serve as Piano Preparatory faculty while learning the profession of piano pedagogy.

These teachers are highly trained pianists in their own right. As such, students in the Piano Preparatory program benefit from the most current research in piano education. We are continuously working on improving the standards of the piano teaching profession through our research and exploration of teaching techniques and materials.

The class instructors are experienced, second-year graduate students under the direct supervision of Emily Book McGree, Head of the Piano Pedagogy Department and coordinator of the Piano Preparatory Program.


Emily Book McGree

Emily Book McGree

Adjunct Faculty, Piano Pedagogy

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Graduate Assistants

Greta Dilyte

Greta Dilyte

Piano teacher and performer from Vilnius, Lithuania, Greta has spent the last decade studying and teaching in the United Kingdom. She received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Greta has worked as a private piano and music theory teacher and has experience teaching general music in the classroom setting. With over 10 years of experience in teaching children and adults, Greta has worked with students of all ages and ability levels. 

Greta enjoys the challenge of developing individualized curriculum to meet the needs of each student throughout their musical education. Her goal and passion is to motivate her pupils and help them develop a love for music. She is strong-willed and determined to achieve great results while making learning music enjoyable for her students.

Fun Fact: Greta is the former piano teacher of professional Swiss tennis player Roger Federer's children. 


Jennifer Bowlds

Jen Bowlds

Jen began her own piano studies at age six and eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music & Economics from Trinity University, in San Antonio, Texas, where she studied piano with Dr. Carolyn True. In San Antonio, she became certified as a Yamaha Music Education System teacher, teaching both group music classes and private piano lessons at a local Yamaha music school. Later, she established and grew her piano studio at the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio where she taught students of all ages and abilities. In 2006, Jen moved to Denver to attend DU's Daniels College of Business, originally intending to pursue a career combining business and the musical arts field, though she ultimately followed a different path. Despite a career transition, Jen continued her own piano studies on the side and continued to develop her passion for music in new ways. When the time was right, she set her sights on a return to piano teaching and music. Now, Jen is pursuing the graduate certificate in piano pedagogy, teaching Music Together classes, and of course, modeling good piano practice habits for her two young children at home. 

Maggie Johnston

Maggie Johnston

Ms. Johnston grew up in Highlands Ranch, CO, and currently attends the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, studying under Dr. Stephanie Shi-Yu Cheng. She is a local musician and music educator with a natural passion for music in all forms, though particularly classical and church music. She started private piano lessons at the age of six and continues to devote herself to personal learning and development as a pianist. Ms. Johnston seeks to foster the same love for piano in her students, as well as proper practice habits and technique from the start. She believes in giving every student an equal-opportunity foundation, meaning every student receives the same building blocks whether their future in music be recreational music-making or a college education in music.

In addition to teaching piano, Ms. Johnston works as a church accompanist for a catholic church and has a large amount of experience as a contemporary church worship leader.  She uses the many skills from these experiences to diversify her teaching and prepare students for the wide context that involves playing the piano.