As a bassist at Lamont, you will study with Colorado Symphony bassist Susan Cahill. Along with a robust performance career, Professor Cahill brings an innovative teaching style. Professor Cahill's studio emphasizes rigorous practice, frequent performance opportunities, and the study of both standard and modern repertoire. As a result, students are prepared to thrive in a variety of professional contexts.

As an undergraduate you have the option of exploring different contexts through our senior year recital 'Track' program. You may choose one of the following:

  • Multi Instrumental Techniques for bassists 
  • Chamber Techniques for bassists 
  • Orchestral Auditioning for bassists 
  • Composition and improvisation for bassists
  • Not for profit Study for bassists 
  • Pedagogy and Studio Creation for bassists 
  • You may also choose to do a traditional senior recital instead of one of the above options.

Professor Cahill spoke in detail about her reimagined approach to senior recitals on the podcast "Contrabass Conversations." 

Before joining the Colorado Symphony, where she has held section as well as acting assistant positions, Cahill was principal bass of the Louisiana Philharmonic in New Orleans. She is also a member of the faculty of the Colorado College Summer Music Festival. With Extasis she has performed as soloist at the BASS2010 double bass convention in Berlin, Germany and has had numerous solo performances in Colorado with Up Close and Musical, the Colorado Youth Sinfonia, and with the Colorado Symphony in 2002. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requiring recorded video auditions from all applicants as well as a live Zoom component.

  • Recorded Video Audition

    Video recordings should be unedited, i.e. do not make cuts or edits in the middle of pieces. It is fine to record pieces separately. Use the best recording equipment you have on hand. Faculty will evaluate you on the quality of your performance and not on the audio/video quality. 

    This video should be uploaded through the Lamont application. Recordings received after January 15 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Live Zoom Interview and Performance

    Applicants will preference their top two (2) dates for a live Zoom interview on the Lamont application. The interview will include a Q&A and a brief live performance of one of the prepared audition pieces.

    The 2021 interview/performance dates are January 30, February 6, and February 13. 

Repertoire Requirements

Undergraduate (BM and BA)

  • One 3-octave major and one 3-octave minor scale of your choice, with related arpeggios in 2 octaves only
  • One movement from a baroque sonata or Bach cello suite, any key
  • Exposition from the first movement of one of the following concertos: Dragonetti, Koussevitzky, Dittersdorf, Bottesini No. 2 or Vanhal
  • One orchestral excerpt of your choice

Undergraduate (Minor)

  • Standard solo of your choice ( i.e. works by Koussevitzky, Bottesini or Bach)
  • One standard orchestral excerpt of your choice (e.g. trio in movement 3 of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, movement 1 of Mozart's Symphony no. 40)
  • One 3-octave major and one 3-octave minor scale of your choice, with related arpeggios in 2 octaves only
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Graduate (MM and Certificate in Performance)

  • One 3-octave major and one 3-octave minor scale of your choice, with related arpeggios in 2 octaves only
  • First two movements of a standard concerto or Romantic sonata
  • Two movements from a Baroque sonata or Bach cello suite, any key
  • Two standard excerpts from the orchestral repertoire, excluding the Recitative and Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Review requirements for Artist Diploma
Review requirements for Certificate in Orchestral Studies

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Susan Cahill holding a double bass

Susan Cahill

Adjunct Faculty

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