Designed for instrumentalists who have already completed a music degree at a qualified institution, the certificate in orchestral studies is a one-year program that provides advanced orchestral training with a minimum of academic requirements. The program is selective, intensive and focused, and is geared toward instrumentalists determined to pursue an orchestral career. With two hours of one-on-one faculty instruction per week, students in the program refine their orchestral repertoire and gain a more thorough understanding of the challenges of performing orchestral music at the professional level. You graduate with refined performance abilities that provide you with a foothold in the competitive world of orchestral performance.

About the Certificate

Audition Requirements

Applying for the Orchestral Studies certificate requires a degree in music from an accredited institution and a live audition at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. The audition will last roughly 20 minutes, and applicants should prepare the following:

  • A solo piece of your choice
  • Three standard orchestral excerpts of your choice

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Degree Requirements

The certificate in Orchestral Studies consists of 18 total credit hours taken over the course of one year. Students will take weekly one-hour lessons on their applied instrument as well as a second weekly lesson focusing specifically on orchestral repertoire.

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