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CAHSS Adds Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Major, Minors in Black Studies, Media Arts Entertainment Technologies

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Jordyn Reiland

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Jordyn Reiland

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New University of Denver students, or those who have yet to decide on a major or minor, have new and exciting options.

Each housed in the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS), students can now major in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) and minor in Black Studies or Media Arts Entertainment Technologies (MAET).

The CAHSS newsroom took a closer look at each program and what students can expect should they decide to pursue them.

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) major

Previously a minor, DU students now can also earn a bachelor’s degree in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.

Reggie Byron was appointed last fall as the CRES program director, in addition to his appointment in the Department of Sociology & Criminology, to help design the new major.

CRES is an interdisciplinary field that analyzes race and ethnicity in both contemporary and historical social, political and cultural contexts.

With this degree, students can pursue careers in areas including business and law, education, journalism and the arts, social work and nonprofits, government and public policy agencies, and science and technology fields.

"There is no more important time to study Critical Race and Ethnic Studies than now - a moment when powerful actors are enforcing educational gag orders and disregarding the overwhelming empirical evidence of persisting racial inequality. This, in effect, discounts the experiences of marginalized groups,” Byron said. “Studying Critical Race and Ethnic Studies is another step the DU community must take if we are honestly committed to contributing to the public good."

See the DU Bulletin for full degree requirements.

Black Studies

The Black Studies minor aims to cultivate informed thinkers who are intellectually prepared to offer clarity and insight to ongoing academic and public debates centered around conversations on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

This interdisciplinary minor also will provide students with knowledge on the history, primary methodologies and interdisciplinary breadth of the field of Black Studies. Students will be given opportunities to learn to analyze, critique and translate comprehensive themes concerning interactions related to the work of Black scholars, writers, artists, economists, musicians and others.

Students will be able to use this minor to market themselves for government and non-governmental organization careers, as well as academic careers.

The introductory course, Introduction to Black Studies, will be offered in the winter quarter.

See the DU Bulletin for full requirements.

Media Arts Entertainment Technologies (MAET)

The Media Arts Entertainment Technologies minor offers a range of courses across the university to provide an interdisciplinary foundation in media creation, design and development, entrepreneurial thinking and performance within the realms of arts, entertainment, and industry.

“In our fast-paced, technology-driven era, MAET equips students as creative practitioners, emphasizing adaptability and integrative thinking to meet the demands of a competitive job market.” Emergent Digital Practices Professor Laleh Mehran said.

The interdisciplinary minor will span across Emergent Digital Practices, the Theatre Department, Film Studies & Production (the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies), Audio Recording & Production (Lamont School of Music), the School of Art & Art History, and Entrepreneurship (Daniels College of Business). 

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